Introducing Hyperic 5.0

Hyperic 5.0 is here! This release which enjoyed a lengthy open beta process that started earlier this summer, is the most performant, stable release of Hyperic to date and also establishes it as a fully integrated part of VMware’s vFabric cloud application platform. This release marks the culmination of several releases to better integrate Hyperic [...]

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Anatomy of a Hyperic Plugin

VMware vFabric Hyperic is based off of an open source project web application monitoring project that is also maintained by VMware, called Hyperic HQ. As such, it is open to development contributions. As the Hyperic install base increases in both size and complexity of the applications our customers are managing, and as Hyperic has become [...]

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Troubleshooting False Alerts In Hyperic With Time Sync

False alerts are quite possibly the most annoying thing to any sys admin. Your monitoring tool shows your resource is down, you go check on it, and its fine.  If it happens once, you are annoyed, if it happens repeatedly – you distrust your monitoring system. With Hyperic, chances are, something is wrong and it has to [...]

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Hyperic HQ Open Source Beta Now Available

An early preview of the latest Hyperic HQ 5.0 open source edition is now available for download. Major enhancements for the new version include better support for vFabric products, including new plugins for tc Server 2.7, Web Server 5.1, and GemFire 6.6.2 (available only in vFabric Hyperic, which will be available from VMware later this year). [...]

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New Webinar: Operational Efficiencies for the CloudOps and DevOps Era – August 16th @ 9am PDT

Software is a competitive differentiator in every market and needs to run on fast, flexible and reliable infrastructure to meet business demands. Learn how VMware is helping define new and emerging roles in the industry – CloudOps and DevOps – by increasing the benefits of virtualization at the infrastructure level through automated provisioning and predictive [...]

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Digging into Root Cause with AppInsight and Hyperic Data

Somewhere in your data center, a server crashes… Alerts go off… And, developers begin to scratch their head while uncovering the root cause… This situation is exactly what vFabric Application Performance Manager (APM) was designed to help with. While readers of this blog probably know vFabric Hyperic is a) part of APM and b) helps [...]

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Experian Lists Top 7 Reasons Hyperic Should be Used for QA

For years, Hyperic has always always followed the software practice of “eating your own dog food” where we used Hyperic internally to monitor our own web infrastructure. We also used it to manage our performance benchmarks for Quality Assurance (QA) tests during the release process. For those with really good memories, you may recall the [...]

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Hyperic with Support for mod_bmx Now Available

The latest version of Hyperic is now available for immediate download. Both versions of Hyperic, including open source Hyperic HQ, as well as the commercial version of VMware vFabric Hyperic have been published. The new version includes support for mod_bmx, a new Apache HTTPD module created by the Hyperic engineering team that provides detailed internal [...]

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VMware Opens APM Beta Program to Hyperic Customers

VMware is looking for customers interested in participating in the beta program for the next release of VMware vFabric Application Performance Management (APM). Interested customers will be able to participate in an early preview of the product, and experience first hand features under development that are not yet discussed to the public. They will also [...]

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Hyperic Gives Managing Apache Tomcat an Upgrade

As part of the larger vFabric 5.1 release this week, Hyperic delivered on an upgrade to managing Apache Tomcat, the world’s most popular application server. Starting with updating support for the latest version, Apache Tomcat 7, Hyperic upgraded support for Tomcat in three major ways. Support for Apache Tomcat 7 Tomcat 7 is gaining adoption [...]

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New Video: Installing Agents Automatically Using vFabric Application Director

Earlier this year, VMware announced a new product called vFabric Application Director. Application Director is a new product that runs atop VMware vCenter Director that helps application architects visually plan, build and deploy applications to cloud infrastructure. Today, Eitan Gayor, a VMware engineer, published a new video that shows a very simplified version of how [...]

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Announcing the New Hyperic VMware Community

We are proud to announce that the former Hyperic Forums have been successfully migrated to a new Hyperic VMware Community. As stated in a blog late last year, this is an important milestone for Hyperic users worldwide. This marks the final step in the transition of the customer experience into the larger family of products [...]

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Hyperic Forums Migrate To VMware Communities on Feb 1

UPDATE: Migration will now start on January 31st, at 6 pm PST. On February 1st, we will migrate the independent Hyperic Forums over to the overall VMware Communities.  All forums, messages, threads, announcements and reward points will be migrated over to a new Hyperic VMware Community. User history will be attached based on email address. [...]

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Two Strategic Milestones for Hyperic Customers

November is a big month for Hyperic customers! Earlier this month, we announced the general availability of Hyperic as part of the new VMware vFabric Application Performance Management solution that is leading VMware’s application management vision. We are also excited to announce that in early 2012, the Hyperic Forums will be migrating to incorporate them [...]

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Hyperic plugin for Cloud Foundry

Hyperic + Cloud Foundry Cloud Foundry is the revolutionary open platform as a service from VMware that supports multiple frameworks, application services, and clouds. The vFabric Hyperic team is pleased to announce the availability of the free Cloud Foundry plugin for Hyperic that brings Hyperic’s proven ability to monitor, alert, and control application infrastructure resources [...]

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vFabric Hyperic Now Part of Zimbra Appliance

As of this week, organizations using the popular Zimbra next generation email and collaboration solution, can download a new VMware Zimbra Appliance that is set up for simplified management and monitoring with vFabric Hyperic. Requiring no additional setup, Hyperic gives Zimbra admins instant visibility to be able to pinpoint, correct, and prevent application performance problems [...]

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Substantial Infrastructure Upgrade in Hyperic 4.5 Release

The latest release for our award winning web application monitoring and management software, VMware vFabric Hyperic 4.5, is now available for download! Coming just three months after our 4.4 release, and five months after our 4.3 release, this release builds on previous releases for the Hyperic 4 family and focuses on updating the underlying infrastructure to a modern, lightweight, and modular architecture. Taking advantage of the deep capabilities of both the Spring java application framework and Apache Tomcat servlet container, the Hyperic development team has improved performance and streamlined development time for future features and provided faster turnaround for bug fixes.

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Hyperic wins 2010 Infoworld Bossie for best open source monitoring

Every year, InfoWorld Best of Open Source Software Awards (aka Bossies) are selected by the InfoWorld  editors and reviewers. Bossie categories include application development, middleware, applications, and of course monitoring. We’re pleased to announce that VMware vFabric Hyperic has won a 2010 Bossie for best monitoring software! We appreciate the recognition, since it is a [...]

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vFabric Hyperic weaves performance management into cloud applications

I’d like to follow up this week’s announcements of VMware’s IT as a Service strategy and VMware vFabric by zeroing in on the challenges surrounding cloud application performance management, and how vFabric Hyperic can help you meet those challenges. As our CEO Paul Maritz mentioned at yesterday’s VMworld keynote, our industry has hit a tipping [...]

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Jon Travis on monitoring with VMware Hyperic and Spring Insight

VMware SpringSource engineer Jon Travis was interviewed by InfoQ a few weeks ago on application monitoring with Hyperic and Spring Insight. You can find the interview here.

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Javier Soltero on what drove the development of Hyperic

Javier Soltero was recently interviewed by BSMdigest on the history of VMware Hyperic, and the motivations that drove its development. The article highlights why today’s enterprise web applications require a different approach to management than what’s provided by the Big Four systems management vendors, and how Hyperic implements that approach. You can read the interview here.

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Announcing Hyperic 4.4: Dramatically simplified monitoring of virtualized application infrastructure

The Hyperic product team is pleased to announce the general availability of Hyperic 4.4, featuring enhanced integration with VMware vCenter Server. Thanks to this integration, Hyperic now maintains a continually updated inventory of VMware vSphere ESXi and ESX hosts, enabling IT Administrators to more rapidly pinpoint, correct, and prevent application performance problems wherever they occur [...]

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How virtualization changes everything about app performance management

If you manage applications running on virtual infrastructure, you should check out two articles. The first describes how virtualization changes everything about systems and application performance management. The second describes the top five features to look for in virtualized application management. These articles describe how virtualized environments are much more dynamic from legacy physical server [...]

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Hyperic 4.3 now released

The Hyperic product team is pleased to announce the general availability of SpringSource Hyperic 4.3. This release contains a number of features and updates that our customers and users have requested. Hyperic Open Source 4.3 features include: SNMP version 3 — improved support for SNMP v3 authentication, plus SNMP v3 privacy services support. Extended Windows [...]

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HQ 4.2.0 is Now Available

After many months of tireless hard work and ingenuity, SpringSource Hyperic HQ 4.2.0 is finally ready to find a home in your very own data center.  This major release brings some pretty exciting new features to the product, and incorporates some cool tricks we learned from our SpringSource family.  Please take a look at the [...]

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